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Reasons for a Winter Auto Detail

You might think winter is a bad time for an auto detail, why not wait until spring when the mess of winter is past? The problem is, winter mess can set in and become permanent if left too long.

Road salt

In areas that use road salt, the salt will track in from shoes and embed into carpets. The crystalline structure of salt bonds with the carpet fibers, and creates an abrasive harm as it dries up, and shoes will continue to scuff and wear against it. The salt can also build up to a point that it forms a hard mineral deposit which cannot be removed without damaging the carpet fibers. It is recommended that salt be cleaned away before this happens.

Excess Moisture

Moisture can collect from the tracking of snow and water onto the carpets and upholstery. In the cold and dampness of winter, this moisture may persist and fail to dry for the course of the season. This can cause mildew or mold growth, unpleasant odors, and permanent staining. In extreme cases, the carpet backing can even break down and separate from the fiber material. These are damages that can be avoided with proper carpet extraction and drying of a mid winter detail cleaning.

Window Clarity

With humidity and cold, windows fog and frost, and are subsequently defrosted time and time again. Sometimes we even wipe windows with a hand or sleeve. Over time, a proper window cleaning is necessary to maintain clarity of view. Especially at night, when glare against the smears and frost patterns can obscure vision.

Paint Protection

The harsh effects of snow, ice, and salt on the paint finish can cause scratching and premature wear on the glossy clear coat of paint during winter. A proper cleaning of the surface, and protection with quality wax and sealant products can prevent scratching and dulling of the gloss coat through the years of harsh winters.

Rubber and Plastic Trim Protection

In the cold and icy conditions of winter, rubber and plastics can become brittle and dry. Snow and ice removal can be rough on these materials in a fragile state.This is a reason why these areas should be cleaned occasionally, and protected with products that will revitalize and nourish the susceptible materials to preserve them.

These are only some of the reasons not to wait until spring for a thorough and comprehensive auto detail. If your car is suffering from the damaging effects of winter, let Ninth Power Auto Detail clean and protect your car inside and out today!

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