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What a summer!

Just by taking some time to restructure, to refocus and triple check our steps, we have found our rhythm. Our rhythm is your rhythm.

Ninth Power Auto Detail was not built simply for a cash grab. The purpose was to teach the world the pure exhilaration of putting some blood, sweat, tears and elbow grease into what some would toss aside.

The overall amazement of how just a good solid cleaning can transform a car back into its former glory is a reaction of which I will never tire.

"It looks like the day I drove it off the lot!"

"It smells like a brand new car!"

"I didn't think that stain would ever come out!"

Ninth Power Auto Detail comes equipped with the knowledge of textiles and the best chemicals necessary to remove spills and stains. Matt prides himself in having done the studying in order to claim in his title.

So, why not take a chance on the best in the area? Just check out our calendar and be the one claiming the shots! You can schedule your own detail on your terms! Claim your stake in Ninth Power Detail by being the boss!

2023 has been pretty great so far, I'd love to catch back up - on your terms!

Kristin Horvath

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