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Here at Ninth Power Auto Detail, we take our interior auto detailing to the next level. Consisting of inspecting and cleaning of all surface types, we ensure that every hard to reach surface is cleaned to perfection. This includes cracks and crevices that are often overlooked. Using a combination of vapor steam and surfactants, your vehicles vents, dashboard, center console, cup holders, seats, carpets, and doors are left without a blemish. Using premium quality cleaning products and vapor steam takes experience and investment, which makes this technique a rarity amongst auto detailers. Using high powered wet/dry vacuums with special auto attachments, we ensure even the most stubborn and hard to reach crumb is not left. After a meticulous  cleaning, we apply protectant and sealant to all interior surface (if applicable). Here at Ninth Power Auto Detail, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all stubborn stains and discoloration that other services miss disappear.


Here at Ninth Power Auto Detail, we are more than just a window wipe and a speedy wash of your fenders. As a premium auto detailer in Cleveland, we apply high quality products to guard your vehicles paint job and prevent surface paint scratches. Our other exterior auto detailing services include headlight restoration and polishing, engine detailing and pressure washing, glass chip repair, and paint touch up.

Our Ninth Power premium exterior detailing involves analyzing the surface paint, previous damages, and other impairments including those that happen over time such as flaking, rusting, and damages from debris and salt. With our vast experience we are able to recommend any preventive maintenance and additional reactive to ensure your car maintains its gleam.

Auto cleaning and polish
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  • Deep Clean Interior and Exterior Detail
  • Machine Buff and Polish
  • Paint Sealant Application
  • Wax Protection
  • Showroom Detailing
  • Interior Restoration
  • Headlight Restoration
  • …and more!