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Wednesday mid-week stretch shenanigans

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

We've come across some wild stories about how this certain stain arrived on that certain place. We've been asked if we are able to remove such-and-such from up here and across there. Magicians we are not; however professionals in the arts of cleaning and chemical compounds, we are proficient. We know which cleaner to use to loosen stubborn bits as well as which process to use first. Imagine us as the professors with the cauldron and the very large book of magic spells.

Again, we are not magicians, however, we've been in the industry for a combined 30 some-odd years. We know a thing or two. Being masters of our trade, allows us to show that sometimes some things are either too deeply set within the fabrics of the seats or floors or they have been left to dwell for too long. As seen in the first image below, we have a before and after shot of a car's middle row captain's seat. The after shot shows that we are able remove 85 - 90% of the discoloration. The best analogical example is accidentally making a pencil mark on a fresh sheet of white paper and bringing your paper back to pristine white. Erase as hard or as much as you'd like, but it will never come back to 100% fresh and new.....but we'll try every trick we know of to bring it to that appearance.

As explained, with the proper amount of scrubbing with the correct chemical, we brought this seat from dirty, grit and grime to well travelled, loved and clean.

Unfortunately, we have had some casualties with cars that are just too far gone. No matter the amount of time and scrubbing, there is no recovering from the damage. Things like juice or kool-aid, soda that gets baked in over the hot summer, salt that builds up into an actual mineral deposit will want to have been cleaned immediately, or prevented in the first place. Regular detailing and fabric protection products can be part of that prevention. Give your detailer a call when these things happen, and we can help!

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