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The heat is on!

The temperatures are rising and so is business! In the summertime comes the usual suspects. Sunscreen smear on the windows, spilled drinks on the seats, melted popsicles, sand in the carpet. We've seen and treated these conditions. We also have faced the unintended and uninvited culprits. The midges, the mosquitos, the mayflies. They have a love-hate relationship with the windshield, hood and the front grill. As small as they are, they truly live up to their name...pests.

We can help get in and take care of them before they wreak havoc on the finish of your paint! We've seen what the weather, heat and bug guts can truly do to the clear coat on cars. It's almost a chemistry lesson in itself! Stay smiling, stay cool and stay riding pretty in your detailed cars set at the Ninth Power level!

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