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Summer days

With longer days and hotter temperatures comes more reason to clean up this year's wintery mess. How are we already six months in to the 2022's and yet still finding those pesky signs of salt and road yuck in our cars?

The sunshine has been a huge blessing to our battered and beaten down souls throughout the Covid-19 fiasco. And while we're not fully 100% clear from it, we are 100% tired of it!

Why not take back our power and use it for the better? I, for one, can stand up for the idea of using my positivity for a better atmosphere. My car looks a bit tired of it all too. She's going in to clean up the mess and get a shine back in her smile...why not come join her?

We miss your smiling faces too, let's put them behind the wheel of a Ninth Power clean! Give us a call!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kristin Salo-Horvath


Ninth Power Detail


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