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Seeing is believing

I have made it my personal duty to be completely aware of my surroundings. I take in the sights, the sounds...even the scents when it comes to detailing cars here at our shop. I get to witness the overall magic that happens when you take someone's road bound pride and joy and bring it into the sterile - well as sterile as a detailer's auto garage can be - garage and start working on it. My guys pick apart and tidy up all of the pieces and parts that the owner didn't even know resided in the folds of seat upholstery.

We have seen so many treasures, and maybe not necessarily as treasured gifts in the cars that drive in. While not necessarily glamorous, detailing these cars has brought me, as a bookkeeper, so many delights. I mentally keep track of all of these stories and have used these opportunities to connect with future customers. Just being able to see the looks on the faces of the owners when they see what work can be done on their mobile children, it is nothing short of beautiful.

I take in the sights, I take in the sounds of disbelief that a dirty car can look like new. "Wow!" "It's like a brand new car!" "I didn't think that stain would ever come out!" "This is incredible!"

We do what we can to provide you with the value your car always had - and more! Just take a look at our photos and reviews, the reactions speak novels into what it is that we at Ninth Power Detail can do for you! Just remember, seeing is believing!

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