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Little Golden Books pales in comparison to this story!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

We have had quite the ride since the beginning of our business. Ninth Power Auto Detail started as a dream. Matt had the experience through past jobs in his earlier days. He knew the basics of the trade from a detail shop he used to work at. However, after seeing all the hurdles and questionable practices, he took it upon himself to do the research behind what is necessary to start his own business. He enjoyed the atmosphere of working in a garage location. He enjoyed the chance to 'play grown-up Hot Wheels' and imagine what sort of life he would have if he personally owned these cars that he would put his sweat and time into. After feeling like he wasn't an asset to the company any longer, he moved on to a new adventure. However, those dreams of starting his own company weren't tucked too far away in his memory.

After some missteps and missed opportunities, he found himself a solid job that provided him with over a decade of experience in the business field. He kept himself busy, he learned what was available to learn. At this time, while things were on the uphill in positivity for him, Matt met Kristin. They ultimately worked together in all facets of life. Where he would fall a little short, she would compensate and even out the playing field. These traits worked on the opposite as well; where she fell short, he would compensate. Their see-saw type relationship defined and proved to be the perfect balance. They held each other accountable which in turn kept them truly in balance. In the starting days of his dreaming, Kristin would help him through the initial steps in obtaining the products and putting funds down to secure all necessities. They each held their own individual jobs and would come together at the workday's end to regroup.

Kristin ended up leaving her job as the distance proved to be a bit of a deterrent. This allowed for a more suitable job within the field of her college study. She quickly found work nearby her home and during the same hours as his own. He worked himself to the point of actually holding a daily 9-5 job meant for 3 seperate workers - all completed by HIMSELF. He prided himself in being such a large asset to the company simply in his work ethic. Things were moving along swimmingly, however, there was just so much more that Matt wanted for his life. He believed he would strive to build on what he had learned and make lateral moves within the job. Unfortunately, once the higher ups caught word of his desire to leave from the office he worked and do something more meaningful, they seemed to believe that he wasn't as necessary. They had him train his replacement(s). Little did they realize that it would take more than just one person to complete the tasks that he did on a daily basis. He put in his resignation and allowed himself a bit of breathing room before diving into his real dream: being a business owner.

He dusted off the mental plans and memories from a life previously lived in auto detailing. He did more research on what he needed to obtain to make this a viable option. He tested some processes out on his own vehicle and realized that he most definitely could make this dream a reality. After the stress of getting up so early in the morning to travel out to previous business was relieved, he set his mind back to making this dream his new reality. Cue in the pomp and circumstance of the birth of his idea: Ninth Power Auto Detail.

Matt began proving that his theories and ideas were not truly just a dream, but a very tangible and theoretical probability. He cleaned up his car, polished it up, worked out the kinks in his personal system which weren't justifiably the most time or result efficient. These trained and proven work systems have provided Ninth Power Auto Detail the reliability to earn nearly 100% 5-star ratings across all formats checked. The personal reactions of the customers as well as their overall excitement of his work has built the desire to recommend his work to others across a decent size region of North-East Ohio. As heard from some past customers, "there is no other detailer I would ever need to bring my car to."

Using his methods, Matt has shown that his work can be used on other types of vehicles as well. He has detailed motorcycles, semi-truck trailers and even boats! While these expanded opportunities come through the doors of his shop, proof of concept and faithful return customers are what was keeping his dream afloat. Now, cue in the era of the 2020's. COVID-19. The pandemic. The housing market boom. The economy. The CARES act - which didn't really care a whole lot about Ninth Power. The Unemployment levels. The lack of workers willing to work BECAUSE they can get unemployment. The president's stimulus packages - never were awarded to either individual nor the business. The businesses struggling to survive due to hiring on the staff who can't qualify for unemployment however gladly take the pay - without actually doing the necessary work. Matt's methods didn't prepare him to need to spend as much just to train people who wouldn't last more than 2 weeks.

The aforementioned troubles that 2020 brought put the business into a bit of a tailspin. After dusting himself off and taking a finer look into the specifics of how the business was faring through these storms, Matt needed to make some pretty drastic moves to allow himself to see if Ninth Power Auto Detail was a resilient as he.

It is currently mid August of 2022. Our raft has sprung a leak, the Flex Seal patches aren't holding securely, our bones and joints are tired from all the paddling, we've dwindled our staff down to Matt and 1 part timer 3-days per week, our safety reserves are gone, and while we know we have a ton of fight left, our hearts are starting to feel a bit deflated.

This is where you could save the day. Just give us a call. Schedule a detail? Get a gift card? Award yourself the look and feel of a brand new car? Have a chat with the most chatty and coffee loving logistics technician? I mean, I know a guy! ;-D

Note from the Owner: Hi, I'm Matt! Just wanted to add that as my wife Kristin wrote this about us and our business, I am leaving it up unedited, although I don't really tell my story often. It is just an ordinary life story which is still being written, and I am just a regular guy who decided to work for something better in life, and I'm still doing that. In the conclusion, she paints our business as a sinking ship, but I will keep it afloat and create a legacy from it in any way possible. I still love the work, and even if I'm not a CEO of anything, just being self employed is the best job I've ever had. But the story is To Be Continued, as I'm far from finished building our future.

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