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Do whatever it takes to succeed

I have fallen behind in my duties of nurturing this business. Timing, the economy, weather, temperature, other obligations, fatigue, the current worldwide status. You know, all the things that would steer attention away from your job. However, all excuses aside, I have realized what snaps me right back into the work mindset.

I took the day off to refocus myself and have a mental health day. It wasn't until Matt got back home from a long day at work that I remembered and recovered the focus I needed. I gazed longingly at the sun shining off the freshly detailed exterior of our car and was brought back to day 1 of the business. His laser focused attention to even the most minute detail reminded me why he began in this field of work at all.

The sunlight emphasized the beauty of the car paint's original finish. How the sunlight danced off the pigment changing it from a pure black to tones of purpley-blue and specks of almost a glimmering finish. This was a reminder of how the mundane can suddenly be thrust into the realm of true artwork in its majestic secrets.

This restored my drive to push forward through - at any cost! Find the beauty in your car again too!

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